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Informed Innocence

"In the end, a good lawyer is the best defense against wrongful
 conviction."  Janet Reno

If most wrongful convictions are completely preventable, could there ever be a good reason not to?

Innocence Matters is developing an innovative program that will prevent countless wrongful convictions.

"I Am Innocent!"

The I Am Innocent program will protect the innocent and teach them how to:

  • get the most from their court-appointed lawyers
  •  develop a strong working relationship with their lawyer
  • identify signs of an ineffective lawyer
  • document and preserve innocence
  • replace an ineffective lawyer 

We are restructuring this program to adjust to current funding constraints.  

Please check back in January 2012 for more details on the program and how you can participate.










We are adjusting this program to provide services within our current funding constraints.  Please check back in January 2012 for more details. 

YOU can prevent the next round of false convictions!