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Karreem Jones

Timeline & Case Documents

Photo Array: 

Incriminating Evidence:
Eyewitness Identification, License Plate Tags
Mistaken ID, Alibi

Motion for New Trial:
Direct Appeal:

Representation: 2008
Innocence Matters
Representation: 6/7/10

IM Investigation:
Bank Surveillance:
911/Dispatch Tapes:
Client Agrees to Take  Poly:

IM State Habeas: 

IM Federal Habeas:

Karreem's Exoneration: 
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Karreem Jones: Another Innocent Man Awaits A Decision 

You would think this would be an easy one.

black man with a mediumcomplexion was convicted of a robbery committed bya left-handed man with a dark complexion
.  Another caseof close enough in Georgia? 

Karreem was detained within minutes of the robbery and his car was searched.  He was not wearing clothing even remotely similar to that worn by the robber (see pictures below); nor were there any proceeds from the robbery found in his car or on his person.

The conviction was based on three faulty eyewitness identifications--the leading cause of wrongful convictions.  Witnesses grossly over-estimated their opportunity to see the robber's face.  For instance, one witness--who failed to identify Karreem's photo within hours of the crime but identified him five months later at trial based on "his eyes"--claimed that she looked into the robber's eyes for over a minute.  The bank surveillance tape, however, shows that she only had a second or two to make eye contact.

The robber wore camouflage, head to toe; he held a gun in his left hand and wore a watch on his right wrist.  (See below, red circle showing watch; barrel of gun resting on fingers of right hand.)   

The teller watched as the robber left the bank through the front glass door and took off running.  Another witness, outside the bank, believe he witnessed the robber as he left the bank.  One of many problems with this witness--none of which were shared with the jurors--was that the robber was long gone before the witness even entered the parking lot.   Five to ten minutes had passed.  This would explain why the man he saw was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a green cap; not a stich of camouflage on him.

At trial, the defense lawyer, a licensed attorney for twenty-years whose legal career detoured significantly to dabble in real estate and cosmetology, did not establish the discrepancies between the assailant and the defendant's physical appearance, the timeline, or the tellers' extremely limited exposure.  Indeed, the jurors convicted Karreem without his lawyer even making a passing 
reference to the fact that Karreem was right-handed!   

Karreem has been in custody since 2006 and is serving a twenty year sentence.  His parents have borne the costs of their son's appeal, nearly $30,000 to date.  Deirdre O'Connor has donated many hours to this case.   Contributions greatly appreciated.