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Mission: Free the Innocent & Improve the System

Our Inspiration:

On July 3, 2007, word of Troy Davis' impending execution spread through the Georgia legal community.  We joined the cause to save an innocent man and watched in utter dismay as Troy's compelling claim of innocence was brushed aside by the courts as irrelevant.  So we brought more people to the cause.  Lawyers, students, professors, and the general public throughout our nation rallied and, together, we stopped the execution of an innocent man . . . at least for a while.  We shouted to all who would listen, "Innocence Matters!"

On September 21, 2011, despite the valiant efforts of so many good people, Georgia's determination to kill Troy ultimately prevailed over reason and truth.  

Troy is the inspiration for Innocence Matters and our four-year struggle to make his innocence matter will forever guide our work on behalf of other innocent people.  

"I am innocent. . . .  For those of you about to take my life, 
may God have mercy on your souls."  

Our Mission:

Innocence Matters is a nonprofit organization formed in 2010 and dedicated to preventing wrongful convictions and honoring the truth.  We provide direct representation for innocent people, though our work is primarily focused on the broader goals of education, prevention and reform.  We are particularly interested in improving the quality of indigent defense services and implementing systemic changes that will better protect the innocent and encourage the defense community to more quickly acknowledge and correct errors. Our preventative programs are designed to bring about lasting change and provide a broad toolkit for the innocent and their attorneys.  

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Our work to prevent wrongful convictions through education and advocacy depends on generous supporters like you.  With your help, we can further protect the innocent and bring about meaningful reform.

Your innocence matters to us.

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With the right information, the innocent can ensure quality representation.  Your tax-deductible donation will help us publish the Informed Innocence booklet to guide them.


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