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Prospective Clients

Three types of representation provided by Innocence Matters

Direct Representation: We accept a very small number of post-conviction cases where we assume the role of the lead lawyer, but only if the following criteria are met:

  • the defendant is indigent
  • the accused is factually innocent and willing to submit to and successfully pass a polygraph examination
  • s/he has been convicted
  • s/he has already been rejected and/or is not eligible (e.g., too early in the process) for the services of California Innocence Project
  • the case originates in Los Angeles County
  • and Innocence Matters is not already at capacity

To be considered for Direct Post-Conviction Representation submit this online form or send a letter with requested information to: Innocence Matters, PO Box 4099, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Those outside of CA are encouraged to review our links to other projects in your jurisdiction.  

We are NOT currently accepting cases outside of CA. 

                      ApplyI Am Innocent                        Confidential pretrial consultation on CA trial matters

We select a limited number of pretrial criminal matters for confidential CONSULTATION ONLY, if each of the following criteria are met:

  • defendant is indigent
  • currently represented by a court-appointed attorney
  • factually innocent
  • has specific concerns that his/her attorney is not doing what needs to be done to protect his/her innocence
  • must be willing to work with his/her attorney to resolve the problem
  • understands and agrees that Innocence Matters will not provide direct representation or otherwise take over the case
  • can pay the $100 consultation fee (covers up to 5 hours consultation time)
  • and Innocence Matters is not already at capacity

                   ApplyInvestigating Innocence                                  Pro bono investigation for                      INNOCENT clients      

Selected innocent clients will receive up to 40 hours pro bono pretrial investigative services, if the following criteria are met: 

  • defendant is indigent
  • represented by a court-appointed attorney
  • factually innocent and willing to submit to, and successfully pass a confidential polygraph examination (we'll cover fee)
  • has the written consent and cooperation of his/her attorney to participate
  • agrees to provide truthful information to the investigating team
  • understands and agrees that if Innocence Matters uncovers evidence of guilt, pro bono services will cease immediately
  • all work product is protected by attorney/client confidentiality and will be turned over to lawyer and defendant to use as each sees fit
  • and Innocence Matters is not at capacity